We believe a home should be MORE than clean

             ......it should also be a HEALTHY place for it's people.

That is why our service is more than just a cleaning service...


We are Serene Clean

Lake Norman's All Natural & Organic Residential Cleaning Service. 


Our eco friendly products and procedures not only give you a clean home, 

but are also safe for your health, 

the health of your loved ones, 

and the preservation of our Lake Norman's natural environment.


We rejuvenate the well being of the home.

Our high quality, natural, organic, people, pet and planet safe services is what makes our Serene Clean shine.

Check out what is included in your cleaning for a complete, whole house cleaning.

Let us refresh your environment with a complimentary aromatherapy of your choice after every service.

The level of cleaning you receive with these all natural products will simply amaze you, all the while creating a healthy and refreshed living space, not a toxic chemical trail!  

You will be kicking yourself for not making the switch sooner.


Get the cleaning service you deserve and request an estimate today...it's free!