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Spring Cleaning is easy when we take on one task each week.

Last week we Cleared the Clutter in 5 Easy Steps. To do the rest, we will need 3 organizational tools: your calendar/planner, a pen, and a notebook.

As we move through each task, this will make is easy to jot down any supplies needed to be replenished, and any tasks needed to be done, in the future.

Schedule the tasks needed to be done in your calendar and, promise yourself when the time comes, do them. 

            Now let’s get started…


This week we Look Up, Clean!


It’s best if you clean rooms beginning at the top, moving your way down to the bottom.

For this reason, we will go through each room and clean in this general order:

  1. COBWEBS: Using a cob web catcher, wipe down corners of each room and the tops of walls.
  2. CEILING FANS: Clean ceiling fans in each room. We recommend a microfiber ceiling fan duster with a telescoping handle, but a bucket, step stool, and rag works just as well.
  3. LIGHT FIXTURES: With a bucket, ladder/step stool, and a microfiber cloth, clean the light fixtures of each room. Replace any bulbs as needed.
  4. CURTAINS: Remove each curtain, run them in the dryer, on the air fluff cycle, or hang them outside, for a few hours, to knock off the dust. Rehang after step number 5.
  5. WINDOW TREATMENTS: Quickly wipe any window treatments, such as blinds and curtain rods,  Using microfiber gloves help the job go a lot faster.

Need a hand with those light fixtures and blinds?

Serene Clean is here to help!

Just call for your complimentary consultation 704-616-6679 


Check back next Friday when we “Clean Windows Like a Pro”!

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