SPRING CLEANING IN A SNAP: Cleaning Windows Like a Pro

SPRING CLEANING IN A SNAP: Cleaning Windows Like a Pro

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Spring Cleaning is easy as we take on one task each week.

Last week we Looked up, Clean! taking on ceiling fans, window treatments, and more. 

We will use the same 3 organizational tools: calendar/planner, a pen, and a notebook as we move through this next task.

Jot down any supplies needed to be replenished, and any tasks needed to be done, in the future.

Schedule any tasks needed to be done in the calendar and, promise when the time comes, do them. 


This week we are Cleaning Windows Like a Pro

Most homeowners don’t like to wash windows and rightly so since most just spray product, ball up paper towels, use a lot of elbow grease, and hope for the best

We must work smarter, not harder, for this task by using these essential tools: a rectangular bucket, a scrubber/squeegee combo, a telescoping handle, terry and microfiber cloths, and an all natural window cleaner.


Cleaning Windows in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Fill rectangular bucket with water and all natural window cleaner 
  2. Wipe down the window frame with a terry cloth
  3. Squeeze out the scrubber and wash the window
  4. Dry the squeegee with a terry cloth and, beginning from the top left corner of the window, squeegee left to right, from top to bottom. Keep the squeegee at a 30 degree angle (a 2 finger width between squeegee and glass)
  5. Dry edges with microfiber cloths


You will love the results and it really doesn’t take as long as you would think.

You might actually enjoy yourself!


Need a hand cleaning your windows?

Serene Clean can make them shine!

Just call for your complimentary consultation 704-616-6679 


Check back next Friday for the next task in spring cleaning your home!

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