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Spring Cleaning is easy as we take on one task each week.

Only three more weeks and we will be done with our spring cleaning! 

Last week we “Cleaned the Floors”.

Remember to use the same 3 organizational tools: calendar/planner, a pen, and a notebook as we move through this next task. 

Jot down any supplies needed to be replenished, and any tasks needed to be done, in the future. 

Schedule any tasks needed to be done in the calendar and, promise when the time comes, do them.

This week we Clean the Carpets

Before we begin to clean the carpets, we will need to clean the baseboards like we did last week for tile and hardwood covered areas. 

Fill a bucket of water a third of the way with hot water and add some natural soap. Don’t fill the bucket too full cause, as the water gets dirty, it will need to be changed. Be sure to use a new microfiber cloth too. For added freshness, add some essential oils.

Go room to room cleaning all base boards.


Now we are ready to clean the carpets. 

Use a carpet steam cleaner to clean the carpets. You can rent one at your nearby hardware store or buy over the internet. Your decision will depend on how often you will need to steam your carpet. They are very handy for spot cleaning from time to time.


Whatever you do DO NOT USE ANY SOAP. Yes, you heard right, no soap. Soap actually leaves a residue. Even when a stain is removed, over time the soap residue will attract more dirt and make more of a stain.

Your room will smell fresh and clean even without it!


Or let Serene Clean clean the carpets for you! 

Just call us for your complimentary consultation 704-616-6679

Check back next Friday when we Organize the Garage!

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