SPRING CLEANING IN A SNAP: Organize the Garage

SPRING CLEANING IN A SNAP: Organize the Garage

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Spring Cleaning is easy as we take on one task each week.

Two more weeks until we are done with our spring cleaning! 

Last week we “Cleaned the Carpets”.

Remember to use the same 3 organizational tools: calendar/planner, a pen, and a notebook as we move through this next task. 

Jot down any supplies needed to be replenished, and any tasks needed to be done, in the future. 

Schedule any tasks needed to be done in the calendar and, promise when the time comes, do them.


This week we Organize the Garage


Here are 8 steps to help you organize the garage

  1. Make piles of things to be stored – sports equipment, tools, garden supplies; all related items separated into piles
  2. Create storage space – of those separated piles, store items rarely used in harder to reach areas
  3. Hang items – keep as much clear floor space as possible
  4. Find the right storage containers for you – after taking inventory of items needed to store, take a tour at your local hardware store to find the right containers for your garage
  5. Service any broken tools and equipment – if you don’t have the time, call a service reapir or get rid of it
  6. Get rid of broken or unused items – any items taking up space should be thrown or given away to make room for the items you do use
  7. Keep negative space – empty spaces are needed to keep any room organized and gives the feeling of clean
  8. Clean the Floor – there is nothing like a clean floor to make the organized space feel complete


Here are some nifty organizational tricks to help organize the garage.


This task may take a little time so make it a family event.

Organize it together and at the end of the day, enjoy it together over a picnic on the patio.


Or let Serene Clean organize the garage for you! 

Just call us for your complimentary consultation 704-616-6679

Check back next Friday for our last Spring Cleaning step,

“Feng Shui our Front Door”


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