Natural Remedies for Teething Babies

Natural Remedies for Teething Babies

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This is a BEAUTIFUL article, written by Heather Taylor of Incredible Infant, on natural remedies for teething babies.

Here is a piece from her article, “57 Strategies to Defeat Baby Teething Pain & Get More Sleep”.

Now all you mama’s can get some well deserved sleep!

Natural Remedies 1 thru 27:

  1. “A peeled a cold carrot ~ Should be as long as his hand, baby carrots are too small.
  2. A pickle pop ~ Sounds gross, but some babies LOVE them.  Due to the acidity, it’s best for babies over 1 year old.
  3. A frozen cheese stick
  4. Slices of cold peaches in a feeding teether
  5. A cold cucumber slice
  6. Bagel slices ~ Microwave it for 30 seconds and then let it completely cool down, it will be as hard as a rock.
  7. Barley water and strawberry popsicles ~ Did you know barley water is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help those swollen painful gums? Grab the recipe at Small Fry.
  8. Momsicles ~ Freeze your breastmilk in cubes and put in a teething feeder, or freeze around a pacifier in a cube tray.
  9. Cold celery sticks ~ Did you know celery is a natural pain killer?
  10. A frozen banana wrapped in a towel
  11. Frozen pineapple in a teething feeder ~ Pineapple is also an anti-inflammatory with the extra ascorbic acid your baby needs to help soften the gum tissue and help the tooth break through faster!
  12. Diluted chamomile tea frozen and placed in teething feeder or tied inside a washcloth for gnawing
  13. Rub a slice of peeled ginger root on your baby’s gums
  14. Breastmilk slushie
  15. Fruit juice slushie ~ If your baby is struggling with constipation, try a slushie made from apple and prune juices!
  16. Ground cloves and allspice mixed with water (or unsalted butter) to form a gum paste ~ Try this on yourself first, to make sure it’s not so strong it burns.
  17. Homemade teething biscuits ~ This recipe at Sweet Treats & Moreis really simple, really healthy, and really effective.  (Really.)
  18. A cold whole pickle (dill or sweet gerkins)
  19. A scallion ~ Cut the green part off a green onion, lightly salt the white part and let your baby gnaw on it like a 4-inch stick.
  20. Pure vanilla extract (not imitation) ~ Put a little on a Q-tip and spread on sore gums.
  21. Tahini spread ~ A sesame seed paste that resembles peanut butter, but without any nuts!  A little on the gums goes a long way.  (Btw, a healthy substitute for sandwiches!)
  22. Frozen waffles
  23. Olive oil on the gums
  24. Ginger paste ~ Ground ginger mixed with water, formula or breastmilk until it forms a gum paste.
  25. Nonpeppered thick beef jerky ~ Make sure the pieces are so large they can’t put it in their mouth! Use with caution!
  26. Breastmilk ~ Normally, I encouraged moms not to nurse to sleep for older babies…but in this case NURSE AWAY.
  27. A frozen upside down bottle ~ Fill it with breastmilk, formula, juice, etc. tip it upside down and freeze it for a perfectly safe ice cube to gnaw on!”

More Natural Remedies….

“10 Awesome Homemade Baby Teethers”

  1. “Your clean finger ~ It’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to mastering a DIY project.
  2. A semi-frozen washcloth ~ Semi-frozen, because 100% frozen washcloth could burn the gums.
  3. Ice chips placed inside a knotted washcloth
  4. A brilliant handmade NO-SEW crib teething guard cover that will protect beautiful wood cribs from tiny teeth scrapes ~ See the simple tutorial over at Simply Abby.
  5. A handkerchief with one corner knotted
  6. A semi-frozen washcloth that has been dipped in diluted chamomile tea
  7. A wooden stirring spoon ~ Never let your baby walk around with spoons in her mouth, she could hit something on the other end and scrape up the back of her mouth.
  8. Submerge a binky in water, squeezing it to soak up enough water as possible, then freeze it ~ Not for recommended for bedtime.
  9. A rubber spatula
  10. Take two clean socks, placing one inside the other, then knot the outside sock and throw it in the freezer for a few minutes.”

Incredible Infant has many other natural remedies as well…

Heather Taylor is very informative and provides natural solutions to many issues mothers face.

What a relief!


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