Sanitary Solutions for Dish Scrubbers

Sanitary Solutions for Dish Scrubbers

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Dish scrubbers can harbor many bacterias in the one place you would like to keep sanitary.


The sponge is made of cellulose, bacteria’s best friend, & is said to be 200,000x dirtier than a toilet seat

 “And you would be better off chopping your vegetables on a toilet seat than on a chopping board when it comes to germs.”



Scotch Brite’s Dobie is made of synthetic materials but can still easily harbor bacteria, it stains after use, and isn’t environmentally helpful because it has to be replaced often.


We tested many dish scrubbies and love these the sanitary solutions:

Cast Iron Chainmail dish scrubbers

Nylon Net Cloth Scouring dish scrubbies



What sanitary dish scrubbers do you use?

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