Serene Clean takes pride in providing a full cleaning service for your home but of course some cleaning projects require a little extra TLC.


Rather than limiting our cleaning services, we offer extra cleaning options to get your home just the way you want.


a' La Carte Custom Cleaning Services
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Contact Us today for your complimentary cleaning estimate on these cleaning services:


  • Kitchen extras: drip pans wiped clean, stainless appliances polished, & stone counter tops polished
  • All light switches, doorknobs, and remote controls & telephone receivers wiped clean
  • All interior light fixtures & ceiling fans hand-wiped
  • AC filters replaced and all accessible vents and cob webs vacuum dusted
  • All interior baseboards, banisters, railings, doors, & door frames wiped clean and carpet edges vacuumed
  • Tile and tile grout steam cleaned and protective sealant applied
  • Wood floors cleaned and polished
  • Stove top and oven interior deep cleaned 
  • Refrigerator, and/or freezer, interior deep cleaned and organized
  • Dishwasher interior & exterior deep cleaned
  • Bed linens changed, with optional mattress surface vacuumed, & freshener applied  
  • All interior upholstery furniture vacuumed and furniture surfaces polished 
  • All exterior doors wiped clean, door glass shined, and welcome mat & immediate porch area swept clean
  • All interior windows shined and window sills wiped clean
  • All interior blinds wiped clean and curtains vacuum dusted
  • Garage cleanings, perhaps for that someone special. Makes a great gift!
  • Organization, with surfaces wiped clean, of kitchen pantry, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, open shelving, closets, & more