Serene Clean cleans your home using only natural and organic house cleaning products…


We cater to those who want a clean home using only natural and safe cleaning products for their people, pets, and planet.

About Our House Cleaning Service


Provide exceptional service to each of our clients,

with detailed attention to their house cleaning needs and goals,

using only high quality, natural house cleaning products, and procedures, safe for people, pets, and planet.


How we do this:

  • Our number one priority is to provide a clean living space, without a toxic chemical trail, leaving a healthy and refreshed environment for each client to come home to.


  • Having a talent for house cleaning, we exceed the expectations of our clients, and thus have a loyal client following.


  • We give our attention to fine details, with our high cleanliness standards, using these natural house cleaning products.


  • We clean with allergen sensitivities. We bring all of our own house cleaning products and equipment specifically targeted for allergy sufferers.


  • We bring years of experience meticulously attending to our own homes and understand the business of home management. 


  • Our expertise in organization and feng shui principles helps you achieve the optimum, clean home lifestyle.


  • We are built on trust and maintain a trustworthy reputation with clean drug screenings and clean background checks for all of our cleaning professionals. 


  • Our house cleaning service is securely bonded and insured.