Common Home Cleaning Products & Methods Are Now Exposed as “HAZARDS TO OUR HEALTH”

Common home cleaning products are flushed down drains across the country and contribute to the large quantities of hazardous waste materials that ultimately arrive and contaminate our streams, rivers, and lakes.

Home Cleaning Is Easy, But At What Expense?
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  • Warning Terms Used Are Significant
    • DANGER – Harmful or fatal if swallowed A taste to a teaspoonful taken by mouth could kill an average sized adult.
    • WARNING – Harmful if swallowed A teaspoonful to an ounce taken by mouth could kill an average sized adult.
    • CAUTION – Harmful if swallowed An ounce to over a pint taken by mouth could kill an average sized adult.
  • Common household ingredients contain toxins and results in side effects from as little as a headache to as severe as cancer. 

Our family’s health is significantly risked 

when we use these home cleaning products on a regular basis.

Which products do you use?   

              Do you know the difference?

Home Cleaning Is Easy, But At What Expense?
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A Look At 


  • Under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act – home cleaning products are the only household products for which manufacturers are NOT required to list all ingredients.
  • If the manufacturer does include an ingredient statement it is voluntary and in many cases this disclosure is inaccurate and incomplete.
  • Many of these home cleaning products can be seen on the “Household Cleaners Wall of Shame”:
    • AMMONIA – a volatile chemical damaging the eyes, respiratory tract, and skin
    • AIR FRESHENER – interferes with your smell-ability by coating the nasal passages with an oil film or by releasing a nerve deadening agent; toxic chemicals of air fresheners are formaldehyde (highly toxic; carcinogen), phenol (skin irritant causing swelling, burning, peeling, and hive breakouts; can cause cold sweats, convulsions, circulatory collapse, coma and death)
    • BLEACH – a strong corrosive; skin, eyes and respiratory tract irritant; can cause pulmonary edema or vomiting and coma if ingested
    • CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY SHAMPOO – made of highly toxic substances including perchlorethylene (carcinogen; damages liver, kidney and nervous system), ammonium hydroxide (corrosive, extreme irritant of the eyes, skin and respiratory passages)
    • DISHWASHER DETERGENT– highly concentrated with chlorine (number 1 cause of child poisonings)
    • DRAIN CLEANER – contain lye (caustic, burns eyes & skin; if ingested damages esophagus and stomach), hydrochloric acid (corrosive; skin and eye irritant; damages kidneys, liver and digestive tract) and trichloroethane (skin & eye irritant; nervous system depressant; damages liver and kidneys)
    • Home Cleaning Is Easy, But At What Expense?FURNITURE POLISH – contain petroleum distillates (highly flammable; causes lung and skin cancer), phenol (as in air fresheners), and nitrobenzene (absorbed through skineasily; extremely toxic)
    • MOLD AND MILDEW CLEANERS – contains chemicals sodium hypochlorite (corrosive; irritates or burns eyes and skin; causes fluid to build in the lungs leading to coma or death),  formaldehyde (highly toxic; carcinogen; Irritant to skin, eyes, nose, & throat; causes nausea, headaches, dizziness, nosebleeds, memory loss and shortness of breath)
    • OVEN CLEANER – contains sodium hydroxide (aka lye; caustic; strong irritant; burns eyes & skin; inhibits reflexes; causes severe tissue damage when swallowed
    • ANTIBACTERIAL CLEANERS – contains triclosan (when absorbed through the skin is tied to liver damage)
    • LAUNDRY ROOM PRODUCTSsodium or calcium hypocrite (highly corrosive; skin, eyes and respiratory tract irritants), linear alkylate sulfonate (when absorbed through the skin is tied to liver damage), sodium tripolyphosphate (mucous membrane & skin irritant; causes vomiting; absorbed through the skin via clothes
    • TOILET BOWL CLEANERShydrochloric acid (highly corrosive; skin and eye irritant; damages liver and kidneys); hypochlorite bleach (corrosive; irritates or burns eyes, skin and respiratory tract; causes pulmonary edema, coma, or vomiting if ingested; contact with other chemicals may cause fatal chlorine fumes)

Home Cleaning Is Easy, But At What Expense?
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Taking responsibility for your family’s health is simple…


Make informed choices,

Choose green home cleaning products