Serene Clean’s green cleaning replaces the philosophy of 

killing to clean” with  cleaning to clean

CLEAN & GREEN, Yes, You Can Have Both!
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The high quality ingredients, of the natural, plant based, cleaning products we use, are the very best at removing dirt and germs. 


They don’t leave any residues so there is no need to clean, then clean the product from the surface. It is a one step process.



It’s just simply clean…

Leaving your home clean and green!


So, What’s In Our Cleaning Caddy?

  • The green products we use are formulated from plant material and give a clean you cannot get with common household cleaning products.
  • They contain NO Dyes, NO Alcohol, NO Synthetic Fragrance, NO Sulfates (such as SLS & SLES) and/or sulfanates, NO Ethoxylates (Petroleum Based Cleaning Agents), and NO Petrochemical Solvents
  • They are fragrance free, sulfate free, petroleum free, and cruelty free.

About the Ingredients:

SORBITAN LAURATE: belongs to a group of substances called Sorbitane esters and combines a good environmental profile, especially in terms of ready biodegradability and no harmful effects on aquatic life

COCOPOLYGLUCOSE CITRATE: derived from citric acid, made from fermenting sugar, and coco-glucoside, made from fatty acids of coconuts

DECYL GLUCOSIDE: natural, non-ionic surfactant, obtained from renewable raw materials, through a combination of plant based fatty alcohols and glucose

GLYCERIN: an organic compound made from common sources of animal fat and vegetable oil

LECITHIN: a natural degreaser made from soybeans

PURIFIED WATER: water that comes from any source, but has been purified to remove any chemicals or contaminants.


SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS OIL: the Jojoba plant, an evergreen shrub bearing olive-shaped fruits

CETEARYL ALCOHOL: a fatty alcohol derived from coconut or palm oil

POTASSIUM COCOATEpotassium salt of coconut fatty acid derived from whole coconut oil

DISODIUM COCOYL GLUTAMATE: derived from coconut oil and fermented sugar, it is environmentally-friendly and is well-tolerated by sensitive and allergic skin types.

XANTHAN GUM: made from the outer layer of a tiny, inactive bacterium called Xanthomonas campestris

YEAST EXTRACT: a natural ingredient that is made from the very same yeast used to make bread, beer and wine.

CAPRYLYL GLUCOSIDE: a mild, solubilizing non-ionic surfactant that is obtained from renewable raw materials: fatty alcohols and glucose from vegetable origin

LAURYL GLUCOSIDE: derived from coconut and is biodegradeable.

QUILLAJA SAPONARIA BARK EXTRACT: derived of the evergreen tree Quillaja saponaria

CETYL ALCOHOL: fatty alcohol produced from plants

CLEAN & GREEN, Yes, You Can Have Both!
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In caring for our client’s homes,

we pride ourselves in using green cleaners

that won’t harm your health

and sustains the world we live in.

This is what makes the