Green home cleaning products prove less of a health risk than common home cleaning products.

These alternative home cleaning products can reduce, or eliminate, health and environmental risks related to common home cleaning products.

They are a safer alternative to common home cleaning products but may include many questionable ingredients. 


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Green cleaning products create a healthy and necessary

shift in our community’s lifestyle.

It allows more people the opportunity

to protect themselves, their loved ones, and the environment.



Eco-friendly, Green, Non-Toxic….What does it all mean?

  • GREENWASHING: a term describing deceptively used terms to promote the perception that an organization’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: (aka eco-friendly) One of many ambiguous titles and can be confusing without a specific definition. This doesn’t mean it’s safe for people and pets. For example poison ivy, it’s bio-degradable and marine friendly, but we wouldn’t want to be in contact with it in our homes 
  • DISINFECTANT: The EPA regulates any cleaning product making a disinfection claim, as they classify them as a pesticide. Since they contain toxic chemicals designed to kill living organisms, this makes sense.  These products don’t work unless used as directed and almost all cleaning products containing disinfecting /antibacterial agents, the direction wording is usually “Spray surface until thoroughly wet. Let stand 10 minutes, then wipe clean. Rinse thoroughly with water for surfaces that will come in contact with food or placed in mouth” You must wash the surface twice in order to remove the harmful chemical residue and then rinse it off your hands. Since most of us don’t read the directions to let it sit for ten minutes, we aren’t disinfecting at all and to top it off, we are dumping these chemicals down our drains into our streams, rivers, and lakes. We use products with cleaning agents, not killing agents.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL: A product that contains pesticides that kill bacteria, viruses or molds. Linked to the  “Hygeine Hypothesis” which stems from studies that reveal an increased frequency of allergies, cases of asthma, and eczema in persons who have been raised in an environment overly protective against microorganisms.
  • GREEN: Environmentally preferable products and services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose.
  • NON-TOXIC: This is a common marketing term implying that the ingredient or product will not harm human health or the environment. There is no standard definition in the cleaning products industry, so this term has little value in choosing the safest cleaners.
  • BIO-DEGRADABLE: Refers to the ingredients break down in the environment once they enter waste water treatment plants, rivers and streams or landfills. Cleaning supplies makers often advertise their products as biodegradable to make them seem safer or greener than they really are. But since no one regulates the use of this term on cleaning product labels, you can’t assume that a product with the label is better than one that isn’t.


We clean with all natural, plant based home cleaners, no green washing necessary.

Here are the ingredients in the cleaning products we use.