SPRING CLEANING IN A SNAP: Bring in the Fresh Air

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Spring Cleaning is easy as we take on one task each week. Last week we “Cleaned the Kitchen“.  Remember to use the same 3 organizational tools: calendar/planner, a pen, and a notebook as we move through this next task.  Jot down any supplies needed to … Continued

Indoor Air Pollution & 5 Ways to Improve It

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What is your indoor air pollution rated? When we think of air pollution, our minds automatically picture us in a big city with smoke and smog. But the reality is that indoor air pollution of your home may be more of a threat than the … Continued

Feel Cleaner & Greener with our Service

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The products we clean with are all natural & don’t leave any residues behind like the common household cleaners do. Therefore, when we wipe away the dirt & grime, there is nothing left behind but clean. Not only that, when we rinse … Continued