Cleaning Grout Solutions

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Soap scum, mildew, mold, and dirt builds up in the grout and no matter how much scrubbing we do, or how many cleaners we use, it doesn’t seem to help. That’s because the dirt is in the grout pores. In fact, … Continued

Plastic Purge Challenge in Just 28 Days

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Plastics are everywhere and have been linked to many terrifying side effects… Weening ourselves away from the majority of plastics isn’t difficult if you just take baby steps. Here is the Plastic Purge Challenge sure to rid of most of your … Continued

Age Appropriate Chores For Children

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Children who contribute to the family learn responsibility and take pride in their work. This list of age appropriate chores for children is a helpful guide to what our kids are capable of. Though it’s relieving to receive help around the house, there … Continued