Hiring a Housecleaner You Can Trust

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When hiring a housecleaner, there are several factors to consider: cost, availability, & most importantly, TRUST. Hiring a housecleaner means allowing a stranger, not only into your home, but into every room of your home. In most relationships, professional or personal, trust is usually earned, but when hiring … Continued

One Year Anniversary

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We are celebrating our One Year Anniversary!     Thank you Lake Norman for growing your local businesses.   Here is to another year of keeping your homes clean, using our eco friendly products and procedures, preserving your health, your family’s health, … Continued

Sanitary Solutions for Dish Scrubbers

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Dish scrubbers can harbor many bacterias in the one place you would like to keep sanitary.   The sponge is made of cellulose, bacteria’s best friend, & is said to be 200,000x dirtier than a toilet seat  “And you would be better off chopping … Continued

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