The concept of disinfecting makes most of us feel safe and secure but when a product says “disinfect” do we know anything about this process? 


  • Regarding the glossary term above, in order for a product to be labeled “disinfectant” they must be reviewed by the EPA and are classified as a pesticide. After all, they kill micro-organisms.
  • The Merriam Webster defines “disinfectant” as a chemical substance that is used to kill harmful germs and bacteria. But this implies the disinfectant knows what is harmful and what is not. 
  • It takes a period of time for the disinfectant to work and the reason directions state to leave it on the surface for a period of time. Most of us want to get the cleaning finished and don’t take the time to do so. So are we really disinfecting or just using the product?


  • Disinfectants are not designed to lift dirt off a surface, make it shiny or leave a scent behind like a cleaner does. 
  • Once you wipe or spray with a disinfectant, the area is left with a toxic, chemical residue. Then it must be cleaned with a cleaner. This is a two step process.
  • Once they are removed from the surface with a cleaner, they don’t disappear. These products travel down the drains and into our environment.
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Serene Clean’s home cleaning replaces the philosophy of

killing to clean” with 

cleaning to clean“.

  • We use natural home cleaning products with high quality ingredients and are the very best at removing dirt and germs. 
  • They don’t leave any residues so there is no need to clean the product from the surface. It is a one step process.

It’s just simply clean!